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Vanguard is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Vanguards have relatively low DP cost which often makes them among the first units to be deployed in an operation and the ability to generate more DP to allow the rest of the squad to be deployed. They typically have decent, well-rounded stats, allowing Vanguards to handle the initial waves of enemies in an operation.


The Vanguard class is divided into four branches: Charger, Pioneer, Standard Bearer, and Tactician.


Charger Vanguard.png

Charger Vanguards (Chinese: 冲锋手; Pinyin: Chōngfēng shǒu), formerly known as DP-on-Kill and Offensive Vanguards, generate 1 DP each time they defeats an enemy, but can only block a single enemy. When retreated, Charger Vanguards fully return their initial DP cost (and only their initial DP cost, regardless of their increased cost due to being redeployed), unlike other Operators who only return half of their current cost.


Pioneer Vanguard.png

Pioneer Vanguards (Chinese: 尖兵; Pinyin: Jiānbīng), formerly known as Skill-DP and Defensive Vanguards, can block up to two enemies and generate a steady stream of DP with their skills (with exceptions to Reserve Operator - Melee and Yato who have no skills).

Standard Bearer

Standard Bearer Vanguard.png

Standard Bearer Vanguards (Chinese: 执旗手; Pinyin: Zhí qíshǒu; lit. "Flagbearer [Vanguard]") generate the most DP of all Vanguards through their skills, but are ill-suited for direct combat due to being unable to attack or block enemies when their skill is active.


Tactician Vanguard.png

Tactician Vanguards (Chinese: 战术家; Pinyin: Zhànshù jiā) are classified as ranged Operators with similar properties to Marksman Snipers and have the ability to deploy "reinforcements" within their attack range to hold enemies back; enemies blocked by the reinforcements will receive more damage when attacked by the Tactician Vanguard.