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Victoria, formally known as the Victorian Empire,[note 1] is a country in the world of Arknights located between Kazimierz and Leithania. Victoria is ruled by a monarch who is from the houses of both Aslans and Dracos.

As the homeland of Felines and Dracos, Victoria was once a powerful and influential kingdom known for its liberty, romanticism, and noble atmosphere. With its advanced technology, the Victorian military widely utilizes steam-based weaponry, including exoskeletons and pilebunker lances.[1][2] However, the nation is slowly losing its past glory as it suffers from a royal feud for the vacant throne.

The Victorian language is similar to English in our world. But somehow, both have distinct grammars and accents even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.[3]


For a long time in the past, Victoria was ruled by the Dracos. That was changed when the Aslans arrived from present-day Sargon. The Aslans tried to integrate themselves into the Victorian society but they were met with suspicion by the Dracos who felt threatened by their presence. Eventually, this led into a war between both races. The Aslan-Draco conflict went for many years until both sides eventually made peace after being exhausted by the meaningless war, with both races now sharing the Victorian throne with the Dracos embodying strength while the Aslans embodying order. However, to some Dracos, the treaty seemed to be unfair to them because they were forced to share their power with the outsiders. This led to a hidden tension for centuries between both houses.[4]

Under the joint Aslan-Draco rule, Victoria enjoyed a golden age which brought peace and prosperity for the empire. It also cemented its status as a superpower in Terra through colonization and its active participation in international affairs from the Kazdelian civil wars to the Rim Billiton mining expeditions. Victoria also had a brutal war against the invasive Gallic Empire. Although a joint alliance with Leithania and Ursus eventually annihilated and even scrambled Gaul during the Battle of the Four Emperors,[5] it came with a price of Columbia's independence, which was originally Victoria's colony in northwestern Terra.[6]

"Who shall be the Rightful One for the bloody throne?"

Twenty years ago, the Dracos suddenly vanished and the previous Aslan king of Victoria was executed for unknown reasons. Although the Victorian aristocracy was able to keep the country stable under their administration, the remaining Aslan royalty refused to claim the Victorian throne, leaving it vacant for a year.[4][7] In the midst of the conflict, Theresis, the Regent of Kazdel, stayed in Victoria after the most recent Kazdelian civil war and governs his country from there until present days.

Main Theme

Reunion Arc

One of the Aslan exiles, Verna aka. "Siege", wished to one day return to Victoria and reclaim the throne as the rightful heiress. She appears to start gathering support from Rhodes Island following the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis.[8]

Victoria Arc


County Hillock, Victoria, suffered a horrible atrocity. The people of Tara, the inhabitants of Hillock, remained faithful to the Draco King but the Victorian soldiers were suspicious of the townsmen's actions. The powder keg was finally ignited when the Victorian soldiers interfered a secret night meeting, providing a very good opportunity for the pro-Draco organization Dublinn to start a revolution. In order to end this never-ending conflict, Colonel Hamilton ordered a merciless Originium "dirty bomb" airstrike onto Hillock. To the soldiers' dismay, Dublinn had won its first victory by broadcasting a misleading message to other counties. Trying to cover up the atrocity, the Victorian government propagated that it was an accident during a military training.

The Hillock atrocity also prompted Rhodes Island to quickly enter Londinium in order to investigate Outcast's death.


A Walk in the Dust

In Terran year 1084, Kal'tsit, then a Lateranian cleric, was invited by Count Vincent for a party in his mansion. It was here where she befriended young Heidi. However, as the party continued, Kal'tsit noticed the blackened snowflakes and the arrival of the Emperor's Blade. Fearing that it would stir up panic among the party attenders, Kal'tsit ordered Heidi to stay back while she was battling with the Blade. After his retreat, Kal'tsit was severely injured before the Count quickly provide medical treatment for her. Trying not to bring panic to the attendants, she proclaimed that she was attacked by a wild beast.





The Dream Castle

A mysterious organization where Iris, Bena and the Keeper belong to. It has a background somewhat similar to fairy tales, i.e., any children may come into the Castle through their dreams.[9] According to Bena, the former owner of the Castle is an old lady who also adopted her.[10]

The King's Wand

The King's Wand is a student group composing of five members who have the goal to bring equality to the Infected. It is the core member of the Foxtail, a non-governmental organization for Originium Arts research. According to Skyfire, it once encountered a local Reunion group (possibly Neo Reunion) after an Infected accidentally killed the Ward's pet. This protest-turned riot eventually prompted her and the Ward to work alongside Rhodes Island.[11]



The following Operators were born in Victoria but are affiliated with other factions:


  • Hamilton
  • Trumpet
  • Louis Kelly
  • Edward Artorius: A Victorian Draco nobleman who was both Wei Yenwu's close friend and Talulah's father. Sometime before Talulah was born, he was killed by Wei due to an order given by the Emperor of Yan. It turned out his forced murder was in fact Kashchey's plan.
  • Frederick III: The Aslan king of Victoria during the Battle of the Four Emperors who participated the war after Columbia's independence. He was known for making Victoria into an influencial empire through its victory in the battle.[12]



  • County Hillock
  • Londinium: The capital of Victoria. This mighty city has never been fallen since its transformation into a nomadic city.
  • Toron: An autonomous county close to Victoria's border. It is a city with ports for landships and is Breeze's hometown.[13] It is also where the Vincent Mansion is located.
  • Ascarat: A county in Victoria where SilverAsh trained his private troops for the Snow Realm Incident in Kjerag.[14]
  • Conor : In Vigilo, this is the county where Rhodes Island transferred their patients to after entering Victoria.


  • Victorian Royal Guard Academy: A state-owned military academy in Victoria. Upon graduation, the students could choose to serve in the Army. This is the school where Ch'en and Bagpipe graduated from.[2]
  • Victorian Institution for Higher Studies: A college where Skyfire and Mint graduated from.[15]
  • Victorian National University: A state-sponsored university where Ceylon graduated from.[16]
  • Cyr Military College: A private military academy in Victoria where Toddifons graduated from. Though not as famous as the Royal Guard Academy, it is one of few academies recognized by the Victorian government.[17]

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  1. Originally "Victoria Empire", which is grammatically incorrect.