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Victoria, formally known as the Victorian Empire, is a Terran country located between Kazimierz and Leithania, occupying the large fertile lands in central Terra. Historically, Victoria is ruled by kings of Draco or Aslan blood, but currently the throne of Victoria has been empty for more than twenty years.

As the homeland of Felines and Dracos, Victoria is a powerful and influential empire known for its liberty, romanticism and rich culture. With its advanced technology, the Victorian military widely utilizes advanced weaponry, including power armors, handheld cannons and piledriver spears.[1][2] In the present day, Victoria remains one of the most powerful and influential nation on Terra, although internal divisions and strong competition from other rising industrial powers such as Kazimierz and Columbia are threatening to topple its hegemonic position.

The Victorian language is similar to English in our world. But somehow, both have distinct grammars and accents even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.[3]


A modern nation ruled by Draco and Aslan. Focused on might and expansion, it possesses a powerful military and a flourishing economy, cementing its position as a hegemonic nation of Terra.[4]

A modern nation ruled by Draco and Aslan. It occupies the most fertile land in the central valleys of Terra, with vast borders and bountiful resources. It is surrounded by core allies and possesses multiple pioneer zones and exclaves. The Victorian Empire emphasizes might and expansion. It seeks to impose an international order upon Terra, with itself at the head. It is an order where noble rights are enforced at bladepoint, ensuring the survival of a Victorian-dominated world.[5]


For a long time in the past, Victoria was ruled by the Dracos. That was changed when the Aslans arrived from present-day Sargon. Numerous conflicts ensued, as the proud Draco were not keen on sharing any authority with the foreign upstarts. Eventually, a treaty arose between these two forces, stipulating that Dracos and Aslans alike may all claim to be Victoria's sole monarch, if they dare. Naturally, this treaty led to countless bloody uprising and succession crisis throughout Victoria's history, as well as tension between both sides even during peace time.[6] Paradoxically, this ancient tradition of rule not only persist to the modern day, but Victoria also rose to world dominance despite its effects. In addition to these two forces, Victoria is said to be influenced by another, third force, strongly implied to be the "Unicorns", likely a bloodline of influential nobility.

Following the industrial revolution across Terra, Victoria enjoyed advances which brought prosperity for the empire. It cemented its status as a superpower in Terra through colonization, possessing a continent spanning empire on which "the sun never sets", actively participating in international affairs from the Kazdelian civil wars to the Rim Billiton mining expeditions. A colony once part of that great empire in northwestern Terra would later become Columbia, rising to independence after Victoria suffered defeats against Gaul.[7] Despite this setback, Victoria still eventually prevailed against Gaul when the latter overstretched its forces in a three-front war against Ursus, Leithania and Victoria. Gaul was brutally crushed, its territory divided up among the victors and its culture utterly trampled.[8] Nevertheless, traces of Gallic influences can still be found in Victoria, in the form of drinks and desserts of Gallic origin, or locations still bearing their old Gallic name. With the proud Gaul cast down from their glory, Victoria stepped up claim hegemony, granting this current period of Terra's history the name "Victorian Era".[9]



Despite rebellions and wars caused by the struggle for the throne, Victoria has remained relatively stable due to the effective control of the nobility over their respective local areas. In particular, the Grand Dukes each hold large armies under their direct command, acting as anchors for their subjects and lesser nobles in the absence of a legitimate King. Unlike some part of the Ursus and Kazimierz nobility, the Victorian nobility on the whole embraced the advances of modern technology, further cementing their economic and military power. Due to the relatively high level of autonomy granted to local nobility, the condition of Infected people can vary significantly depending on the policies applied in each region: Some are treated harshly while others are given opportunity to work and make a living, though many of such work are hard, dangerous and/or low-paying.

"Who shall be the Rightful One for the bloody throne?"

The current political situation in Victoria is precarious to say the least. Roughly twenty years ago, the Draco bloodline is considered to have been 'severed' while the previous Aslan king of Victoria was tried and publicly hanged for currently unknown reasons. Although the Victorian aristocracy was able to keep the country in one piece, the remaining Aslan royalty did not emerge to claim the Victorian throne, leaving it vacant for years.[6][10] In the midst of the chaos, Theresis, the Regent of Kazdel, was 'invited' by a Grand Duke in the year 1094 to pacify the worsening situation in the capital Londinium following the his victory in the Kazdel civil war. Through subterfuge, terror, bribery and other means he would eventually amass a huge force of Sarkaz soldiers and mercenaries, brutally occupied Londinium and gained control of its defensive walls and cannons. The Grand Dukes of Victoria have now mobilized their great armies and surround the city, but they are locked in a stalemate against the Nachzehrer King's forces. Furthermore, two Draco claimants to the throne have now emerged: Talulah, leading the new Reunion and enjoying the support of the infected population, and Reed's older sister, leading Dublinn, supported by the Tara people and at least one of the Grand Dukes. Numerous other parties previously hidden such as the Gallic restorationists have also begun to put their schemes in action, hoping to profit from the inevitable succession crisis.

It is implied that the succession crisis will not be fully resolved after Rhodes Island's involvement. Years of tension and intrigue have spawned an impossibly complex and widespread net of conspiracy that one cannot hope to unravel in short order.


While most of the population are Felines, many other races have settled and integrated to Victorian society. Notably, some Vouivre tribes from migrated from their distant Sargon homeland to Victoria, often finding their place in the military and industrial sectors. Even the Sarkaz people are somewhat tolerated before the conquest of Theresis.

The Tara people – descendants of the Draco King's subjects are disadvantaged by the Aslans' rule, often considered second class citizen. Such treatment breed resentment in the Tara populace and was leveraged by Dublinn to obtain popular support.

Notable people

  • Edward Artorius: A Victorian Draco nobleman who was both Wei Yenwu's close friend and Talulah's father. Sometime before Talulah was born, he was killed by Wei due to an order given by the Emperor of Yan. It turned out his forced murder was in fact Kashchey's plan.
  • Frederick III: The Aslan king of Victoria during the Battle of the Four Emperors who participated the war after Columbia's independence. He was known for making Victoria into an influencial empire through its victory in the battle.[11]
  • Gaeil: The first Draco King of Victoria who started the Aslan-Draco civil war. According to legends, he miraculous defeated the Aslans, forcing the enemies to sign the armistice and forming the foundation of the nation.[12] But in historical achieves, he actually suffered severe loss, forcing him to retreat to Tara (modern County Hillock) until his surrender to the Aslans.[13] To many, especially to the Tarans, his legacy would go on to inspire many literary works and poems.




  • Victorian Royal Guard Academy: A state-owned military academy in Victoria. Upon graduation, the students could choose to serve in the Army. This is the school where Ch'en and Bagpipe graduated from.
  • Victorian Institution for Higher Studies: A college where Skyfire and Mint graduated from.[17]
  • Victorian National University: A state-sponsored university where Ceylon graduated from.[18]
  • Cyr Military College: A private military academy in Victoria where Toddifons graduated from. Though not as famous as the Royal Guard Academy, it is one of few academies recognized by the Victorian government.[19]