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When HP is higher than a certain percentage, increases ATK by the effect percentage (only the highest ATK increase from effects of this type will be applied).
—In-game tip

Vigor is a buff in Arknights.


Vigor increases ATK by a percentage so long as the target's HP is above a specific percentage (not amount). Multiple instances of Vigor are mutually exclusive on a unit; the highest effect takes precedence over the others.


Operator Source Range/target, HP ratio Value
Blessing of Heroism
Melee friendly unit on the tile ahead (or self if there are none), >80%
  • L1-L3: 30%
  • L4-L6: 35%
  • L7: 40%
  • M1 and M2: 45%
  • M3: 50%
Birth of a Hero (talent) Minoan Operators (while Pallas is deployed), >80%
  • E1: 15%
  • E2: 25%