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Lungmen's political leader.
Wise, polite, tough, and a good strategist. Highly respected in political circles.
Because the lonely city of Lungmen relies on his unconventional diplomatic and commercial ties, it is currently one of the great powers on the world stage. Its present rapid development is proof of that.
Wei is still in good physical shape, supposedly a result of his previous employment.
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Wei Yenwu is an NPC in Arknights. He plays a minor role in the Hour of an Awakening arc of the Main Theme but plays a major role in the Shatter of a Vision arc, and appears in the Code of Brawl and Ancient Forge side stories.


Wei Yenwu is a member of the Yen imperial family. He is the older brother of the current True Lung (i.e. emperor) of Yen and the husband of the Higashi princess Fumizuki. Due to his Eldery lineage, Wei possesses great tactical acumen, a natural born leader, and are capable of using Arts without a catalyst/medium.

Wei has a younger sister who gave birth to Ch'en from a Yen nobleman with the surname Hui-chieh and Talulah from Edward Artorius, a Victorian Draco nobleman and Wei's close friend. After the True Lung was aware of the relationship between Edward and Wei's sister due to Duke Kashchey of Ursus' machinations, he ordered Wei to kill either Edward or the unborn Talulah. Wei chose to kill Edward, but this caused him to fell into a depression as he mourned his friend's death for about a decade. He became Talulah's guardian, though due to the circumstances of her parents' deaths (Wei's sister passed away later on due to depression from her strained relationship with Ch'en's father), Wei can't bring himself to care much for her, instead showing great care to Ch'en.

At some point, Wei became the chief executive (leader) of the nomadic city of Lungmen. His shrewd business and political maneuvers allowed Wei to make Lungmen a prosperous and wealthy mobile city under his administration. Wei also befriended Lin Kojui, the Zalak godfather of Lungmen's criminal underworld. Years before Arknights' Main Theme take place, Kashchey attacked Lungmen to claim the nomadic city for his own, but was repelled by the joint efforts of Wei and Lin. Unfortunately, Wei was forced to hand over Talulah into Kashchey's custody after the Pythia abducts her and threatens to kill Talulah and destroy Lungmen unless Wei let him walk away.[1] Wei's Shadow Guards suggest that he send them to recover Talulah from Kashchey, but Wei refuses out of fear that his actions can be used as a casus belli by Ursus, unwilling to let Kashchey harm Lungmen and Yen with his vile schemes.[2]

This event changed Wei's methodology from then on; while he remained polite to others, he choose to follow a Machiavellian approach in governing Lungmen by doing anything and everything necessary for the sake of Lungmen, and ensuring that every single deal involving him benefited him and/or Lungmen. He is also ruthless towards the Infected, but this is not because he despised them, but rather so that Yen, who treats the Infected harshly, does not see him as being "too soft" towards the Infected issue.

Wei comforting the young Ch'en after Talulah's "departure"

Wei teaches Ch'en swordsmanship skills and passing on the legendary Chi Xiao sword to her as part of his efforts to prevent his niece from becoming yet another victim of the Terran political intrigue and ensure that she remained loyal to Lungmen.[2] In the end, Ch'en choose to serve Lungmen Guard Department as part of its Special Investigation Division after finishing her studies in Victoria, much to Wei's surprise who nevertheless approves it.[3]

Main Theme

Episode 02

Wei is first seen meeting with Kal'tsit, who are warning him about the fall of Chernobog and its implications to Lungmen's security. Wei is interested in "contracting" Rhodes Island to aid in the defense of Lungmen from the potential Reunion attack,[4] and after convinced that they have the manpower and experience to do so from Ch'en's report, who are also present in the meeting, officially contracted R.I. to assist Lungmen Guard Department in protecting Lungmen from Reunion.[5]

Episode 05

After the battle at the L.G.D. HQ rooftops, Wei contacted the joint R.I.-L.G.D. forces to congratulate them on a job well done and apologized to the former for not giving them proper intelligence, though the Doctor correctly accuses him for using the R.I. as a bait to lure out the Reunion cells who had infiltrated Lungmen prior to the attack, waiting until they are vulnerable. Reminding the R.I. that what happened is beneficial for both sides anyway, the Doctor can either rebuke Wei for his deception, which he tries to defend by saying that it's the best course of option, or stay silent, at which Wei recognized the R.I. as an important partner. He ends the contact after reminding the R.I. to help the L.G.D. rooting out the Reunion presence from Lungmen.[6][7]

Later Wei contacted Ch'en and Swire from his office and ordered them to complete the operation to deal with the Reunion within one or two days before the Yen emissaries arrive, telling them to "show some Lungmen hospitality". Ch'en asked Wei why the Reunion's leader Talulah is not present during the attack, though he can't answer that. Fumizuki then came to Wei's side, saying that she still can't reach Speaker Witte of Ursus and reminding him about the "past times" as well as Talulah – who had (seemingly) killed Kashchey.[7]

Episode 06

Wei called his Shadow Guards and ordered them to carry out a mission, telling them that despite the Rat King's opposition and the stakeholders' concerns, "the matter is beyond him" and Wei need to "do what must be done", and that the Rat King's daughter will be their field coordinator for the rest of the mission.[8] Later Ch'en finds out that the Shadow Guards had (possibly) carried out a purge of Lungmen's Infected populace in the slums with their corpse disposed to the sewers under the cover of the engagement between Reunion and R.I.-L.G.D.[9]

After attending to the Yen emissaries, Wei attends to Amiya, who informs him that the R.I. terminates their contract with the L.G.D., realizing that Wei does little to care for the Infected. Suddenly, Ch'en interrupts the meeting and angrily confronts Wei about the Infected purge she had found out earlier as well as his involvement in the assassination of Talulah's father. Wei tries to deny the accusations, saying that she had no idea what he had done for Lungmen, only for Kal'tsit and Fumizuki to show up and informing him that the core of Chernobog is on its way to Lungmen, and much to his shock, the nomadic city appears to remain as an Ursus territory.[9]

Episode 07

Wei shows disbelief on Chernobog's approach to Lungmen, knowing that despite of their militaristic approach, Ursus wouldn't dare to wage war with Yen and opts to take diplomatic measures in order to prevent the crisis from escalating further, until Fumizuki relays a message from one of Wei's messengers which implies that the Ursus aristocracy are involved somehow.[10]

Wei being held at swordpoint by Ch'en, who can't tolerate his actions anymore

Knowing that Yen and Ursus will eventually go to war anyway and that the Ursus government are powerless to stop the aristocracy, Wei decides to launch an attack on Chernobog to prevent its imminent collision with Lungmen, but Ch'en choose to stop Talulah by herself. Wei tries to convince Ch'en otherwise, pointing out her duty and that the Infected in the slums deserved their fate, but Ch'en rebukes it until she reveals herself to be an Infected and, out of her disgust to Wei's methods, puts him at swordpoint.[10]

Wei tells Ch'en that if she does leave, she will no longer be welcome on Lungmen, but she tells her uncle that they have their own ways as the two argues about the consequences of their actions until the Shadow Guards suddenly show up to protect Wei – even though Wei told them to not interfere and even tells them to leave. This leaves Wei with no option but to have the Shadow Guards seize Ch'en, but she uses her Chi Xiao against them until Wei suppresses it with his own Arts, pointing out that he is the one who taught swordsmanship to Ch'en. Wei tries to convince Ch'en to not leave Lungmen for one last time, unwilling to see another tragedy to happen in front of him, but she refuses and declares that they "were strangers" from this point onwards before escaping by jumping out of the office building.[10]

Ch'en's actions left Wei distressed, seeing that his intention to have his niece do his work backfired hard on him, and vehemently opposes Fumizuki's attempt to go after Ch'en by herself as well as asking for R.I.'s help. As he listens to an explanation about Talulah's relationship with Kashchey from Kal'tsit, Wei confirmed that Talulah is Kashchey's heiress and voices his intention to attack Chernobog himself so that he could atone for his mistakes if he dies in the attempt. Nevertheless, Wei agreed to not interfere with the R.I.'s attempt to stop the impending collision and, per Kal'tsit's request, lend them Edward's remains[11] under the condition that R.I. take the remaining Lungmenite Infected under their care.[12]

After the R.I. left, Wei thought of the possibility that Ursus could have deliberately engineered the collision for their own purposes, revealing that he can't let Ch'en did things on her own and whatever Kashchey is scheming will come into fruition anyway, and decides to attack Chernobog with his Shadow Guards after (correctly) deducing that the vile Pythia still lives within his heir – Talulah – and his death will free Lungmen and Ch'en from Kashchey's shadow. Despite Fumizuki's opposition, Wei told her that he'll send her into safety, but not Higashi, and cries in despair after realizing that he had stray too far from the path he intended to walk on.[13]

As Wei is about to leave, the Rat King stops him, noting that he had "made stupid decisions out of anxiety" and Ch'en is just like him, being cut from "the same cloth of stupidity". Wei tries to convince the Rat King to step aside, but the Zalak told him that he was glad that Wei finally decides to descend from his tower and that they are the same.[14]

Episode 08

Amidst the confrontation between Wei and the Rat King, Wei demonstrates his power by using Arts comparable to that of Chi Xiao without a catalyst against the Rat King. However, Wei hesistates to hurt the Rat King and tries to convince him to stand aside, but the Rat King adamantly refuses to budge, lest Chernobog is stopped, and even willing to die rather than seeing Wei ended up with the same fate as Edward, much to his anger.[15]

Wei visiting the graves of Edward and his sister in the aftermath of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis

Sometime after the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, Wei visits a mountain where Edward and his sister are buried and met with the Rat King who revealed that he stalled Wei to gave time for R.I. and Ch'en to stop the crisis, and it is implied that he had worked with the Shadow Guards to keep the Lungmenite Infected safe from Reunion, counteracting Wei's order to purge them. Joined by Ch'en, now an R.I. personnel, before the Rat King leaves, Wei was finally able to come clean about his feelings to his niece and promises to do whatever he could to make Lungmen a better place, before they parted in good terms. As Wei stood in front of the graves of Edward and his sister, Wei vows to not let himself forced into making difficult decisions anymore before wishing for Ch'en to live well.[12]

Later Wei attends to Mostima in her capacity as a Lateranian Messenger, who relays a question from the Lateranian Church who wished to know what did Wei have for breakfast and dinner, though this is implied to be some sort of an encoded message.[12]

Side Stories

Code of Brawl

After the Sauin festival, Wei was invited by Emperor to have a drink together with the Rat King and Eurill Pides in his half-destroyed bar. Before Emperor's and Mr. Pides' arrival, Wei and the Rat King were chatting about the "gag" they were involved and the old Zalak's decision to retire and pass his throne to his daughter. He also listened to Emperor's grumble on the loss of his properties. When the party was over, Wei and the Rat King recalled the events back in the slums and noticed that change is on its way to Lungmen.[16]

Dossoles Holiday


Wei was invited by Mayor Candella Sánchez of Dossoles as Lungmen's representative to the city's annual event. However, due to his workaholic nature, Fumizuki appointed Lin Yuhsia to replace him. At the same time, Wei knew that she actually prefered Ch'en to become the representative to give her a holiday. It was a hard time for him as Candella is known to be a very cunning person. After deep consideration, he allowed both girls to go to Dossoles.[17]

After the Dossoles affair, Wei received a package of coffee beans from Bolívar as a souvenir from Ch'en. From Yuhsia's report, he commented that it is still a long way for the girls to accept people like Candella. Also, he also got a photo of their vacation and decided to treasure it.[18]


Ancient Forge

In the Ancient Forge movie, Wei appeared alongside the Rat King as a side character dubbed "Ordinary Citizen Mr. Wei ." During the Lunar New Year Eve, the two old man were playing chess while having a chat about their old days as cops.[19] Unfortunately, the two of them were more of John Does in the movie other than talking about how fierce Fumizuki is at home or how Yuhsia did not come home early that night.[20]