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Yan, formally referred to as Great Yan, is a Terran country located between Higashi, Kazdel, and Ursus. It is an imperial monarchy led by an emperor titled the "True Lung."

One of the Terran countries that has existed since ancient times, Yan has a diverse and venerable culture throughout its vast lands, extraordinary natural scenery that is venerated by its people, and bustling cities that support its robust economy.[1] Yan is also known for tolerating and even endorsing racial diversity within its lands[2] but treats the Infected harshly – as is often the case for Terran nations.

Yan is famous for its many martial arts schools. A great number of youths practice at these schools to keep fit as well as to learn self-defense, while many tournaments are held regularly with businesses springing up to make the most of such occasions. Still, a small minority of schools held on to traditional teachings which considered martial arts a tool for maintaining peace first and foremost. These differences in ideals sometimes manifest in fierce conflict and conspiracy, with the losing side facing disbandment and disgrace.[3]

Lungmen is an autonomous region to the west of Yan, bearing a nearly identical coat-of-arms to Yan's. It is a massive economic hub and one of the most prosperous cities in the world, to the point that Lungmen's currency - the LMD - is commonly accepted worldwide.


A long time ago, in the borderless land of Yan....

According to a legend, a long time ago, Yan was ruled by a energetic, notable yet controversial True Lung. Though his land prospered, his people yet suffered disasters one after another. Such misfortunes, he believed, were caused by the gods' neglect of his people. He reaffirmed his belief after his encounter with Sui, a disdainful and prideful god.

Following Sui's mockery, this True Lung then embarked on a grand quest, personally leading his entire army to hunt down and subjugate all of these gods. To everyone's surprise, Sui joined the forces with the Emperor and betrayed His kin. The war claimed countless lives, yet all the deities who dared to stand against the True Lung were slain, and those unwilling to submit were banished. Even Sui paid the price for betraying his kind, but the True Lung showed him mercy in exchange for his service. Yan and its people enjoyed good fortunes and prosperity every since, while the so-called 'gods' went into hiding, dispersing their powers across the Terra and secretly living alongside humanity.[4]

Though Yan is among the most powerful nations on Terra, it is also among its most peaceful. Naturally, its military is considerable, but the absence of Yan from any large-scale conflict in recent history has led some to underestimate its might.[5] However, in recent years, Yan has begun to prepare for the worst as chaos prevail across Terra following the Victorian succession crisis, rebellions in Ursus, and the missing of a Leithanian Twin Empress. After a secret meeting, the mandarins decreed the "Twenty-Eight Policies" that ensures Yan's political stability, and two extra laws were hidden from the public in response to the threats from the eldritch demons of the Northland and the Seaborn of its southern coastlines.[6] In the meantime, the current Emperor of Yan, the younger brother of Wei Yenwu, and the Ministry of Rites are working with the fragments of Sui to revive their true form. If succeeded, it could bring havoc not only to Yan itself but also to all of Terra.

Notable people

  • Bai Dingshan
  • Huai Tianpei (槐天裴): Waai Fu's father who is a famed but lunatic martial artist and a close friend of Mr. Lee and Liang Xun. Out of his craze for kung fu, he is said to be missing for going on a solo journey across Yan before handing his daughter under Mr. Lee's care.
  • Leizi's Grand Master: The founder of the Lei Fa school who has been guarding the northern borders for 370 years through the Originium implanted inside him, making him a total immortal, monstrous being.[7]
  • Lien Tzu-hsu (廉子虚; Pinyin: Lian Zixu): An old lady who was Mr. Nothing's martial art master and the head of the descending Lien clan. Being preyed by the local authorities, she was "murdered" by her competitors through a forced suicide.[1] She also had a close tie with Uncle Tung in Lungmen.[8]
  • Unnamed Censor.png
    Unnamed Censor: A Caprinae(?) censor who accompanied Leizi and Taihe in their visit to Lungmen amidst the joint Lungmen Guard Department-Rhodes Island search-and-destroy operation following the Reunion attack. He looks down on the Infected[9] and sems to be related in some way to Blaze's father.[10]



  • P'o-shan
  • Shangshu
  • Jiangqi (姜齐): Mentioned by Nian during Ancient Forge; the city is known for its alcohol culture where the inhabitants are heavy drinkers.[11]
  • Kou-wu (勾吴; Pinyin: Gouwu): The city where Mr. Nothing tried to escape from and the hometown of the dead Lien clan. According to Dusk, the inhabitants have a culture of fine delicacy and scalebass fishing during late autumn.[4]
  • Ni-Weng (泥翁; Pinyin: Niweng): A village under the foot of Mount Hui-ch'i; famous for its jade.[12]
  • Yumen (玉门): The border nomadic city close to Lungmen, known for its heavy garrisons that act as the entrance to the heartland of Yan.[13]


  • Mount Hui-ch'i (灰齐山; Pinyin: Huiqi): A mountain that is close to Ni-Weng Village; the place where Dusk hides herself.
  • Mount Sky (天岳; Tianyue in the original Chinese text): According to the legend of the Dusk Beauty, this was where she ascended onto the moons.[14]
  • K'u-t'an River (苦潭江; Pinyin: Kutan): The "River of Sorrow;" the place where young Saga's master was saved by Dusk.[15][16]
  • Boulder of Pei-hsïan (北悬巨石; Pinyin: Beixuan): A famous natural site in Yan in which a huge boulder hung itself in midair. Acoording to a legend, the boulder suddenly stood itself after the ascending of an emperor, leading the people to believe that it was a good omen. Sadly, it was destroyed by a Catastrophe a few years ago.[1]
  • Chamber of Heaven's Designs (天机阁): A series of fortifications located at the Northland guarded by numerous soldiers and tianshi. For thousands of years, it acts as a wall defending the nation against the invasion of the northern demons.[7]