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Shanghai Yostar Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 上海悠星), often known as simply Yostar or Yostar Games, is a video game developer and publisher based in Shanghai, China. It is the publisher of the English, Japanese, and Korean servers (collectively known as the Global server) of Arknights.


Yostar was previously Studio GameMaster (GM), a Chinese doujin gaming student society that dedicated themselves in making spin-off games. Since their official approch to the gaming industry, the company has been investing a lot in ACGN-themed games in mainland China. They are also the sole leader who opened the Japanese ACGN market to China through Azur Lane and Arknights. While they act solely as a game publisher, in recent years, they are planning to focus on their own game developement and expanding to other fields such as anime production.

While Yostar is based in mainland China, they also opened offical branches in Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Kong; the former is focused on the JP servers of their game while the latter on the KR and Global servers.


Studio GM

Since the transformation of Yostar, Studio GM has become its minor subsidary. So far, their first and only work is Nono from Isekai (诺诺来自异世界), which was launched in 2016 but was eventually shut down in 2018 likely due to low popularity.

Since then, nothing new is heard from Studio GM.

Yostar Pictures

Yostar Pictures.png

Yostar Pictures is an animation production studio and a subsidiary of Yostar founded on January 2020 under the collaboration with the Japanese studios ARCH and ALBACROW. They are the studio that creates various short animations and preview videos (PVs) for their published games, such as Azur Lane and Blue Archive. For Arknights, their contributions include the events' PVs, Holy Knight Light original video animation (OVA), and the in-game cutscene in JT8-2 (under Hypergryph's oversight).

Yostar Pictures is currently producing the anime adaptation of Arknights, Prelude to Dawn.

Currently, Yostar Pictures has one subsidary:

  • ARCUS: The 3D animation production studio and a subsidiary of Yostar. They are the studio that created the 3D animated music video of Ain't Seen Nothing Like This.


Games (published)


Notable employees/collaborators

  • Yao Meng (姚蒙): Founder and CEO
  • Chen Kai (陈开): Official register
  • Li Hengda (李衡达): Director-general for the Japanese branch
  • Watanabe Yūki (渡邉 祐記): Key animation director for Yostar Pictures; known for his previous works for A-I Pictures.
  • Saitō Kengo (斉藤 健吾): Director for Yostar Pictures; known for his previous works for Studio Trigger.


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